Whether your computer won't boot, or you're frustrated because it takes forever to do simple tasks. For PC repair, give Smith Software Solutions Pa a call at (717) 203-3250.

Need affordable, expert computer repair and service?

Having trouble with a slow PC?

Do you need virus removal services?

Need to fix a Windows XP,  Vista,  Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 problem?

Are you looking to extend the life of that older desktop PC? Most times it will run better than new.

Is your PC not booting?

Think your computer may be infected with spyware?

Is your PC slow booting, or is it slow shutting down?

A highly skilled tech will give you a free estimate over the phone.  If the estimate sounds like a good deal, and it usually does, we will be glad to provide onsite, in home, or remote services.

Get a few more years from that PC or laptop.  Let  Smith Software Solutions Pa give it a tune-up or a PC repair. (717) 203-3250

We are a legitimate Registered and Insured Company 

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